About Us

I am Emanuel, I am Italian and I Am living in Switzerland from 2018. 

I opened the Makaveli Universe on 2020 with the project to be an important part of MTG market for High End Old School Items. 

Offering an exclusive service of buying/selling/trading/consignment with strict grading, transparent infos and high level scans to be more clear and competitive possible, have a fast customer service with an “old school” and human approach to create a great relationship with my clients. 

I am focused on P9 ABU market with a range of selling from 150 to 250 pieces or year. 

I’d like to talk with clients and have a great communication to try always to give my best suggestion based the “project” or “dream” that You/They have in mind. 

The business is based about respect and We have only one word. For this the MTG folks called me friendly “The Godfather”.

Funny stories and many travels worldwide from Europe, Japan and United States. I participated at many many international shows from GPs to Eternal Weekend.

I am here to do my best work for You. And I hope that You will be always satisfied from my service.

Your Makaveli